One on One

Mo offers 3 ways of working one on one:

  1. Intuitive Guidance

  2. Intuitive Guidance + Creative Coaching

  3. Creative Coaching

With all 3, Mo works with you to connect with your depth imagery, the visual wisdom that comes when we dream, meditate, or master our creative process.

Sessions can happen in-person in the Seattle area or via video call.
Your first session is one hour, with a 30 minute follow-up 2 weeks to a month later, for an investment of $125.
All sessions to follow are one hour, for an investment of $85.

To book, email Mo at .


During intuitive guidance sessions, Mo sits in meditation with you (in person or over video call) and then paints a series of images for you. In addition to the images, Mo receives sensations, associations, visualizations, and other intuitive information that she shares with you.

Mo does not analyze or interpret. She simply shares the images and her experience as they emerged. Then, you have the opportunity to go deeper, ask questions, share insights, and collaborate with Mo to find guidance and wisdom in what came through.

This work has been profoundly healing and helpful and clients have discovered a new connection with their inner compass through working in this way.


After your first intuitive guidance session, Mo will offer ways of working with your images: writing exercises, approaches to transforming the images as a means to transforming internal patterns, etc.

Then, you can work with Mo to expand and deepen this process, feeling supported as you strengthen your relationship to your personal imagery and inner world.


You don’t have to start with intuitive guidance. What’s going on for you and your creative process? Want to feel more empowered, liberated, purposeful, and connected through art making? Mo will guide you through tapping into your next level of self understanding and expression.